Thursday, April 4, 2013

discoveries i made

here's a list of things i've discovered over the past few days:

  1. i've discovered that when my husband is out of town i get a bit scared at night to go to bed alone so i treat the kids to a night with mama in the big bed
  2. i've discovered that investing in a re-chargeable double neon light is a great idea even when we're running very low on money but with the daily power cuts, the habbit of turning the re-chargable light on feels like heaven
  3. i've discovered that spring is here which is supposed to be my favorite season of the year (even though in MENA it's very short like fall, we have almost 4 months of winter and 8 months of summer) is no longer a pleasant word for me because of the "Arab Spring" regardless if i'm with or against the revolutions
  4. i've discovered that the more i drink water the better i feel
  5. i've discovered that the family i've always dreamed of having, and now i do, deserves much more of my love, energy, and attention than what i'm giving, hens some Spring Resolutions coming soon
  6. i've discovered that my daughter who turned 19 months lately is sometimes angry, nervous, and even violent because i'm too busy to be still when she's around
  7. i've discovered that shopping does make me feel better no matter how superficial this fact is
  8. i've discovered that sharing money and things when i myself is so much in need is the best decision taken, and such a timing is the best timing ever
  9. i've discovered that i'm a sugar addict, pasta lover, coffee consumer, backing fan, ice-cream dependent person and there's nothing i can do to change that
  10. i've discovered that i love this blog more than i ever imagined and it scares me because i wasn't planning on revealing my identity and start posting real family photos of my family and i might just change the plan one day without previous notice or warning
  11. i've discovered that photography is a latent passion that i've had for years but never realized how much i love it until digital cameras appeared, i'm good at it, in spite of my limited knowledge and resources
  12. i've discovered that there are so much in common between our relationship with God and my kids' relationship with me, so i'm gaining a deeper understanding of grace, unconditional love wisdom, and freedom!!!
  13. i've discovered that gradually i might be getting more sleep towards the "enough" target and this fills me with anticipation of becoming a "happier" person, mom, and wife once again... after 4 years of sleep deprivation
  14. i've discovered that i can't have enough of the view from our living room window/wall in the new apartment

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