Thursday, April 18, 2013

math in murder

it's ironic that the words massacre and mass also start with an "m" like murder... my mom was a math teacher so she helped my siblings and i when we needed simplified one-on-one explanation for our school homework, so i was good in math when i was at school, but these days i struggle with numbers and logic... take a look of this picture i've just put together...

here comes the math:
  • more than 24 hours ago cute innocent 8-year-old Martin was killed in the US
  • more than 24 months ago till this day over 5000 innocent children were killed in Syria

  • the American boy was in my mind and prayer for more than one day
  • the Syrian boys and girls to earn one day each (to keep in my thoughts and prayers) need more than 13 years

  • there's an American family whose mother is recovering from brain surgery and daughter from leg amputation as they grieve the loss of their son
  • there are (??? no math can help) Syrian families who are recovering from unimaginable untreated injuries, they are either living under inhuman conditions somewhere inside Syria or in a refugee camp,  an end was put to the suffering of entire families because they were all killed so simply and brutally 
i'm not making any comparisons in terms of value of the human soul, each and every single human being is precious in God's eyes, Martin is not more or less important than Fadi or Lina or Mohamad or Elias or Sarah or Heba or any Syrian child

heaven gained one more angel, but i can't hear the sound any celebrations coming from up there, because they're busy preparing to welcome more and more children as we speak.... WHY do people kill one another? WHEN can we put an end to bloodshed? HOW will justice and peace prevail? maybe some other kind of science other than math in another galaxy has answers...

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