Thursday, April 26, 2007

once upon a blog

this is how it all started in 2007 when i decided to start blogging, i selected two names, one of them gradually developed into a VERY personal family blog with detailed news and photos of my life, and the other one was left hibernating...
five years later i decided to write an anonymous blog, this one, to be more free in expressing my thoughts on certain issues, mainly about being a woman and a mother, but much more than that.
so, this is the beginning of this blog's story, once upon a time, a phrase that i love...
in Arabic it's: kan ya ma kan
in Armenian: garou chi gar
being the youngest of 4 children, my mother used to tell me a bedtime story every single day, i wish she had written those story, then we would've had a treasure, but she used to come up with a different story every day then forget it a short while later, but i grew up as story lover, i will share stories from my life on this blog hoping that this space will turn into a story-exchange sphere online so if you felt like sharing a short or a long story, be sure that you're MOST welcome to do so...

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