Thursday, November 8, 2012

33rd birthday wish

tomorrow is my 33rd birthday and i've decided to take blogging more seriously and less privately since i've already started blogging in 2007 but i found myself slipping into a private zone sharing details about my family and our life and i let myself in control of who can access that first blog.

these two blogs started as twins, but i only had enough courage to nurture one of them, so separation seemed like a good idea, now that i have kids who might be endangered, and a husband's career that might be affected by his wife's ideas on life, love, God, motherhood... and many more random areas of humanity. 

in the past few days, as my 33rd birthday was approaching, i started thinking about Jesus' mission on earth  and how it ended when he was 33... mmmm.... thankfully i'm not Jesus. with some hesitation but more conscious determination i decided to think of my past 3 years and say: "i DEFINITELY was productive"

i had my first born when i was 30 and his sister arrived when i was 32. one year into this roller coaster of two children under 4 i admit how desperately i need a break... but not THE ULTIMATE break that Jesus had when he turned 33...

one post by Glennon made me think and re-think about my husband's wife and my children's mother who happened to be the EXHAUSTED ME. so i decided that i needed to build a bicycle for me and only me.  one that i can use as a last resort when i collapse, or even a tiny step before collapsing. i imagined taking my bicycle on fictional journeys discovering new depths in me and new worlds around me, then i realized that this bicycle, for me, is a blog where i can type my thoughts and reflections freely.

my daughter is 14 months now and still can't say a single recognizable word so my mom told me that i was like that at the same age, and then all of a sudden i started talking (and never stopped ever since). this is one of the many blessings of having a mom (still alive) when you yourself become a mother, she's the one you refer to whenever you wonder about a what you think is a brand new discovery but in reality it has always been there for centuries of motherhood!

starting to talk relatively late turned me into a talkative person, but recently i can't find the energy and time to talk, so one of my basic human needs was denied and i'm hopeful that this blog will bring it back to me...

Happy 33rd Birthday to a Multigrain Woman and happy BIRTH day to her public blog, a birthday gift she carefully selected for herlself.

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