Thursday, March 21, 2013

mother's day

it's mother's day today in the MENA region, on the 1st day of spring. a friend shared this photo on her fb timeline a few days ago and i just couldn't but add my own touches...

sleep in: using a children-free bed (preferably house)
eat (full stop, i won't even dare to mention the temperature of food, just a real tasty healthy meal) as for the other half i'd say "type with two hands" all 10 fingers no living creatures on lap
alone time: it's confusing, i no longer know how to handle such a luxury but a shower, a book, and a hot drink would do
audience-free: should i laugh or cry? i'd write that in bold letters and underline it twice

one more thing: an outing with girlfriends, no kids or husbands allowed

just imagining it makes me smile, and already miss the kids!!! If these gifts were granted by a good fairy godmother, they have to be for FREE, i'm NOT ready to pay for them (suggested prices: messy home, cranky or injured kids, and air full of "guilt" vibes... just to name a few)

happy mother's day to all mothers in the Middle East and North Africa... mothers' who lost their children to the stupid bloody wars in this region... happy mother's day to refugee mothers who live in inhuman camps after surviving the war now they have to keep surviving... happy mother's day to orphans who will think of their mothers today with an even more powerful sting of pain...

spring of 2013 is here, weather wise, we hope it will arrive on the political level soon ending this whole nightmare so my people can start the endless process of re-building their lives and country...

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