Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy Easter 2013 take two

it's Easter today according to the Eastern church calendar. Evangelical churches in Egypt celebrate today so i should get the kids and myself ready to go to church, we have family members visiting and this is extremely exciting for my children to spend time with their cousins... nothing like old traditions i've talked about in the previous post but it tastes better than any man-made tradition when God sends little blessings our way.

have an as happy as possible of an Easter this year ... remember MENA countries in your prayers, may it witness a resurrection from war and ashes to its original beauty...

this is a photo of a new "tradition" i did this year, during last year's Spring discounts i bought Easter outfits for my kids to wear to church on Easter Sunday. when the clothes and shoes were still new this year i thought of arranging a photo shoot for the children with a sweet photographer from our church, she's an amateur on her senior year at college and she was willing to give us her time and talent

this was a piece of green garden we selected for our location and our friend took really wonderful shots so i thought of sharing two of them here, the first one is an Easter egg hunt, our style ;) and the second one is of my son practicing his photography skills as his sister collected the plastic eggs in her basket

by selecting these clothes and arranging for this photo shoot i thought i was adding colors to my children's life but the truth was that these two angels were the ones who added LIFE to these colors

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