Wednesday, May 8, 2013

two become one

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this is what happens when two people get married, or what's supposed to happen, they become one, and i was expecting it to be a total and complete shift from "two" to "one" when my husband and i got married, but it didn't seem to work out for me in many ways, sometimes the idea made me miss my independent self, the me that thinks only about me, no matter how selfish this might sound

then after having two kids this union seemed even harder when expectations and role assignments in parenthood "separated" us into "two" again and sometimes each one of us felt cut into more than two... you do the math

but today i felt that we're one again, in the most unexpected way ever


my husband left on a trip to the US, it's his first time visiting the USA and as we were preparing for his trip i was very excited that he'll see such a different and new country. i've been to the States three times and i found that parts of it are a copy/paste version of the movies we see but other parts are much more interesting and exciting than the media can ever express

after he left i expected myself to get depressed as i do when he's out of town attending a conference or leading a church activity, but this time i didn't feel depressed (not yet at least) because i felt as if it was me going, i was as happy for him as i would be for myself specially that he's going to CA and i've only been to a couple of states on the East Cost, so i couldn't tell him what to expect but i am sure that this trip will be extremely interesting and enjoyable for him

i'm praying for his safe arrival as i checked that his plane departed, so in a few hours i'll check LHR website to check on his connection flight and make sure his plane landed safely in London on its way to Los Angeles

remember the new laptop we purchased recently? it's with him, and last night i made sure he had our family photos, the most recent Easter ones as a screen saver, one for the start up screen and one for the desktop background ;)

by the way, he's taking with him this cute device that a group of nice thoughtful young people gave him as a gift, a remote control for power point presentations, he took it with him and i'm also excited that he has the technology devices he needs for the lectures, sermons, and presentations he'll give there, the main reason for his visit. i'm also glad that this technology will help him keep in touch with us during his three-week trip

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