Thursday, May 9, 2013

in love with technology

i need to put the kids to bed and there's a big chance i might fall asleep too, so i thought of checking on my husband one more time in case i couldn't stay up and wait for his plane to land... and i came across something VERY interesting...

check it out...

Status:In air at an altitude of 36000 feet with a ground
 speed of 460 knots

how cute is it? i've seen it before but when i was ON the plane not ONLINE knowing that my soul mate is in THAT plane! thank you satellites thank you technology for being a good friend to me at this very moment, two hours before landing, my husband is still in the air, he's been flying for 9 hours crossing the Atlantic Ocean but not in a straight line as i had imagined, it seems he flew over parts of Canada too then down over part of the USA and will arrive at LAX in two hours, or less because the new expected landing time is 20 minutes earlier...

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