Thursday, July 4, 2013

good morning free Egypt

sunrise at 4:40 this morning...

last night my husband came back from the demonstrations at 11pm after Egypt received the great news . i survived 5 days staying at home with the kids because their nursery is too far and i didn't feel that it's safe for me to drive alone with them, but finally we had the chance to go out and not just any outing,  we went out to CELEBRATE...

the celebration had already started at home... singing DORA's theme song: "we did it..." as we waited for baba to call or come back

we drove along the sea courniche where hundreds of people were celebrating, flags everywhere in people's hands, over their shoulders, and on cars... the kids ended up going to bed at 2am, we all had a cold for a few days now so the feeling when i took this photo wasn't "physically" the best one... but i couldn't resist the temptation of capturing the view from our living room... the crescent was simply too cute...

too much work lies ahead of the Egyptian people... this is just the beginning... what a beginning

مبروك يا مصر

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