Friday, March 15, 2013

thieves of potential blog posts

good morning, it's almost noon honestly but on weekends who cares. actually i woke up very early this morning and wanted to start my day and have my quite time but then a simple calculation took me back to bed. my husband is out of town and the kids are not awake yet, by the time they wake up i'd be dead tired and we'll all have a difficult day since we're staying at home (the car is with my husband). so i decided wait for the kids wake me up :) a couple of hours later i heard my son ask from the shared room: "are we done sleeping?" my daughter spent the night in our bed and she's still asleep so it's a good idea to start the day with my son and a freshly squeezed orange juice.

now getting my coffee machine started i thought of writing a new blog post. it has been a long time since i wrote a post or an e-mail in the morning. this got me thinking: i'm a morning person, so i function at my best during the first hours of the day so what is it that has been preventing me from writing in the morning?

here's a list of what i think are the thieves of potential blog posts (for me) and i'll try to put them in order of their impact starting with big thieves down to pickpockets:

  1. my part-time job: this is the first thing i do when i turn on the laptop in the morning. i have a part-time translation job, i work for a newspaper and i translate the headlines every morning. so the first thing i do is try to open the newspapers i need, online, and make sure there are no problems with the internet connection or the newspapers' sites then i start translating (Ara-Eng) and typing
  2. facebook: when i'm done translating i treat myself to a few minutes, which turn into an hour sometimes, of facebooking. not that it's a total waste of time but it consumes one of the best hours i have in my day, a morning hour. i've decided a few years ago right after facebook appeared that for me fb is to stay in touch with friends and family via words and photos so i was one of the first people who stopped playing games and doing other non-social activities on fb, but even with this noble cause i still spend more than the intended time on fb.
  3. breakfast (when i have one): after i wake up, i try to drink water, which i find is more difficult than i thought but i encourage myself by thinking about all the promised benefits water has if drunk first thing in the morning. what's usually easier is eating a piece of fruit. when i have my translation done and the work e-mail sent then when the fb moments' delight is gone i think of breakfast. i do eat every morning but i can't always call it "breakfast" the most important item on the menu is the coffee cup with some milk, no sugar. 
  4. kids and house chores: this duty call is never silent so it takes priority over many other things in my head and during my day and the first victim is usually my blog and the book i'm reading, sometimes having a shower also falls off the to-do list as another victim. 
  5. technology: the laptop i'm using right now is new, we've been planning on buying a laptop since... i can't remember when, since before planning to have children, because i remember that we first had a different kind of "lap top" the mobile kind that needs feeding and changing diapers. but this last December there was a discount on certain brands and we got one, specially that budget was super tight after we had the second special kind of "lap tops" two years after the arrival of her brother. what i discovered is that when you have a good computer and speedy internet connection (the second important technological factor) then your appetite is bigger for blogs and posting ideas and sharing photos. 
so, my coffee is ready and my daughter should get up, it's all i could think of right now, i might re-visit this post if more ideas that will pop up in my head as my kids and i get into our daily activities and games. have a nice day and a great weekend everyone. 

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