Saturday, March 9, 2013

to blog or not to blog

yesterday i renewed vows with this little space of mine, my blog. i've had doubts about it for months, maybe years now, ever since i started blogging (i mean my other blog, which is very personal with lots of family news and photos) i've been in love with the idea of blogs and blogging. then recently i got addicted to a couple of amazing blogs and the wonderful women behind the words, ideas, and photos in these blogs (the list of links is available on my blog). then on my 33rd birthday i decided to activate this "public" blog as my birthday gift to myself, i changed the name and took it seriously as my own space to share my thoughts with the world.

just like everything else i do, i lost interest in a few weeks, mostly because i couldn't find the time for it in the midst of my many responsibilities with the children, at home and at church. but i've always wanted to be a writer and my big dream is to write a novel (if this is a real dream) publish it and have it translated into a few, all right, many languages. to become a good writer i knew that i have to be a good reader first, just like being a good follower is a pre-requisite for becoming a good leader. so i started attacking books, i'm an introvert which made reading an easy thing to do and love as a teenager and now as an adult.

with two children under 4, reading has become a luxury rarely accessible to me, so for a while, my writing was "gone with the wind". this blog breathed life into my bestest hobby everest, then why did i ever think twice about blogging? the answer is mostly because of the language barrier. English is not my mother tongue which makes me hesitate even more, should i blog in Arabic then? It's my first language in the first place, it's a very difficult one, and i'm really good at it, but then this puts limits on my blog. what about blogging in both languages, as many other "younger" bloggers do? why not? so don't get mad if a post appeared in Arabic soon. but after giving it much though i've decided to blog, and to do it in English.

what happened yesterday is that for the first time in many months i wasn't dead tired when my two children took their nap, so i treated myself to a movie, i mean watching a DVD at home, maybe next time i'll actually and litterally go to the movies, but it was good enough that i had the chance to watch "Julie&Julia" yesterday and i LOVED it. my husband and i had bought the DVD a while ago and my friend gave me the book "My Life in France" as a birthday gift last year or the year before. i tried several times to read it but never had the chance to finish the first chapter, each time i held the book in my hands i felt the urge to read other books on education or religion or books in Arabic. that's why i postponed watching the movie because i believe in my eldest brother's theory which he shared with me many years ago: "whenever you have the chance, read the book before watching the movie, this way you develope your own characters and scenes, then you can see what the movie directer has to offer". so i thought if i wasn't going to finish the book anyway then i can watch the movie so i did and i met Julie who started blogging in 2002 and committed herself to a one year journey of cooking through Julia Child's cook book and blogging about it.

that was it, i didn't need more hints and signs and voices to remind me of my dear space here, of you my readers (if there's anyone out there anyway, the same doubt Julie had) so here i am again...   

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